Friday, December 3, 2010

The Tea House

Since this is a blog about London, it was obvious that I would end up talking about tea at some point. Although I must admit that I don't like tea at all, but I am a bit weird when it comes to drinks (which is quite annoying sometimes, but I can't help it...). Anyway - they sell other stuff besides tea here, but I'm guessing most of you enjoy tea.

The Tea House is a little shop located on Neal Street, very close to the Covent Garden tube station and perpendicular to Long Acre, where the awesome shop Stanfords is, which I'll talk about soon.

If you come to London and are planning on staying for more than a couple of days (which would be the obvious thing to do, of course), you should stop by this shop to get some tea and then enjoy it at 5pm, British style. They have a wide selection of teas - once you enter the shop you'll notice the strong smell of different herbs. Besides tea, they sell tools, the names of which I completely ignore, that are really helpful when it comes to making tea (you know, for instance, the little thingy you use to put the tea in and then put in the cup, how do you like my knowledge of the English vocabulary) (thingy eh).

And if you don't like said drink, or need more incentives to go to this shop, The Tea House also sells, among other things, various types of jam in jars of different sizes. When I went there I got a tiny jar of strawberry jam for 95p, which ended up being delicious.

All this you'll find on the first floor. But if you go upstairs, you'll find a big selection of cups, mugs, teapots, plates, jugs and more. Some are really beautiful, and some are a bit of a joke, but I guess we all have different tastes... Here are a few:

Maybe this isn't a total must, but it's located in Covent Garden and that area rules, so if you happen to be there, why not stop by to get a mini jar of ham or a dotted mug? For example.

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