Friday, December 10, 2010


With this somewhat blurry picture, I introduce you to Stanfords. Stanfords is a big store devoted to traveling, and since I'm a huge fan of traveling, I had to talk about it. The store you can see on these pictures is the one located in Covent Garden, which opened in 1901.

Everything in this store is related to traveling: the literature section, maps, globes, the stationery, accessories and more.

On the ground floor you'll find maps and books about France, Spain, Portugal and Italy, travel literature, children books and games about traveling, movies and music. You can also find gifts such as shower curtains with maps on them, or special thumbtacks that you can put on maps on places you've visited. And, of course, there's my favorite corner, devoted to globes (quite pricey, though...):

Although if you want to see a really pricey globe, check this one, which is in the same floor but in the following room, and costs the not-to-be-despised sum of £8,999.

Right?? Let me get my checkbook.

On the floor you'll see a map of the world and at the back there's a café.

On the first floor you'll find maps of other European countries and international destinations. There are also very useful tools when it comes to traveling, such as first aid kits, knives, and stuff like that. On the floor there's a National Geographic map of the Himalayas. And if you look up you'll see a map of the solar system. Not bad, huh?

The basement is mostly devoted to England and London, of which a map covers the floor.

Here you'll see guides and books about England and London, and some old maps too!

The store is located on 12-14, Acre Street, and opens from 9h to 19h30, although you can see all that and more on their website!


  1. eres española! yo también!
    muchas gracias por esas recomendaciones! llevo poco tiempo en madrid... y no dudes que probaré esa bodega y echaré un vistazo a esa tienda de fotos... :) estoy planeando una visita a londinense... asi que también visitaré alguno de estos sitios... qué tienen las tiendas de mapas? esta es genial!

  2. a store dedicated just to travelling?!! what could be better than that!