Sunday, April 25, 2010


Hello friends. I'm currently listening to Wild Nothing, which is a band a friend told me about yesterday and I love it. Make sure you listen to their song "Summer Holiday"!

So, Artbox. Artbox started about 20 years ago in South Korea, and they must have had their fair share of success, since they now have three stores in London: one in Camden Town (which you can see on the pictures below), one in the Thomas Neal Center in Covent Garden, and another in the Topshop located in Oxford Circus.

As you can see they mainly sell stationery (notebooks, pens, pencil cases, etc.), but you can also find some clothes and accessories (and by 'accessories' I mean everything else, like mugs, bento boxes, etc.). Of course, almost everything they sell here is full of little animals having fun in the beach and stuff like that, but it's worth taking a look. You can always find really nice stuff even if you're not really into the whole Hello Kitty thing. I usually enjoy the stickers:

I can't believe how hard it is nowadays to find beautiful stickers. When I was a kid I used to collect them and I still have some pretty neat ones, but I recently tried to find shark stickers like the ones they sold at SandyLion (I'm writing this as if you all knew which ones I'm talking about... they ruled) and I've had no luck. One day, when I'm rich, I'll go to Japan with an empty suitcase and come back with tons of awesome stickers and notebooks. Word.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Daunt Books

Dear friends.

After spending a few (hectic) weeks at home I'm back with 'new' pictures and 'new' places.

I am laying on my bed and listening to Logh's An Alliance of Hearts. A great song.

Daunt Books is a chain of English bookstores. The one you see on these pictures is located on Marylebone High Street. I've been in another one next to the Holland Park (a really nice park, by the way) that is really beautiful, so if you've got nothing better to do, go buy a book there and then read it on a bench in the Kyoto Garden.

Basically, this is a library where you can find many different kinds of books, although as far as poetry and drama are concerned, not much can be found since those are not very popular genres. Anyway, you can always order any book you need. But I think in this case that doesn't really matter. Personally what I like the most about this bookstore is the bookstore itself.

The children's books section (NOT the teenager section - those books are a joke... although I must admit I do have a couple of those at home...) is awesome and makes me wonder why adult books are so aesthetically dull.

Also, like in any other bookstore, they have a little section focused on notebooks, and as a huge notebook fan, I love it, since they have quite an original selection. They also have Moleskines, of course.

But there's more to it. The bookstore is called "Daunt's Books for Travellers' for a reason. They have a large collection of books classified by country where you can find literature, guides, and lots more, which you can see here:

Beautiful, right? Books rule, it's a fact.