Friday, November 26, 2010

Magma Books

I can't stop listening to The xx! Their song 'Islands' is a total hit.

Magma Books is one of the first bookstores I discovered in London, and I love it. Especially when it comes to leafing through the books, because as far as buying is concerned, let's say I should start by saving some money. I've added some Gregory Crewdson (master of the universe) books to my wishlist, though, because they look awesome. I also bought a Listography book (very useful I know), so I did find something I could afford.

This little bookstore opened in 2000 at 8, Earlham Street. Their goal was not to open a typical bookshop full of best-sellers and 3x2 offers (which by the way I think are great), but to offer books related to art as well as magazines and some stationery. You'll find here books about photography, design, architecture, d.i.y. and more. Truth is, I'd stay there for hours or until they'd come to tell me "will you please stop abusing our hospitality and buy something already".

They did have quite a lot of success and soon they opened another shop on the same street, at 16, Earlham Street. Here they sell tons of little gifts (this is kind of absurd since anything could be a gift, but you know, those kinds of things you only buy to make a gift knowing that nobody will ever use it but are cute) (not to say they don't rule because sometimes they do) (parenthesis mark party) that are generally unique because they collaborate with a lot of artists.

And finally, they opened another store in Manchester. Nice.

Covent Garden is an area in the center of the city that has tons of interesting things to see and is quite close to Tottenham Court Road, so I suggest you go there to spend some time. Soon I'll talk about other stores in the area, so you'll know about more places to visit (if you want to, OBVIOUSLY). There's also the Thomas Neal center, where you'll find another Artbox. London is a party, no doubt.


  1. I liked the way the store-front is designed, and really good to know they offer a variety of material rather than just stick to the tried and tested.

    Back here we have Magna bookstores.

  2. This little bookstore looks so lovely! <3 I wish I could go there right now.