Sunday, July 4, 2010

French's Theatre Bookshop

Dear friends, it's too hot in this city. But I'm home eating cherries and listening to Uncle Tupelo so it's alright.

Today I'm going to talk about another nice bookstore: French's Theatre Bookstore, a shop specialized in drama (mainly English - the name French comes from Samuel French, the second owner of the store, which he acquired in 1872), located at 52, Fitzroy Street (not too far from Marylebone High Street, where the Daunt bookstore is).

You may not be really interested in this library since they mostly sell drama, but if you really like literature, then I highly recommend it. Until recently I'd never been interested in drama, but this year I took a course called 'Modern British Theatre After '56" and I loved it, so if you have the time go check the store.

They also sell biographies, guides and other books about theatre (in all of its aspects, like staging, acting, etc.) and they have a few novels.

To put it in a NUTHSELL (hilarious expression, I must say), I like it. A lot. And they are really nice and there's discounts for students.

Before I leave, I'll tell you about some plays I've really enjoyed in case you don't know what to read:

- Samuel Beckett, Waiting For Godot
- Harold Pinter, The Birthday Party
John Osborne, Look Back In Anger
Peter Shaffer, Equus


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  1. I love the first two plays you mentioned here- we did Beckett and Pinter as part of my MA in Literature and Cultural Theory :)

    I must check out the other two!