Saturday, May 29, 2010

Koenig Books

Dear friends of the world wide web, today is a windy day and I am home listening to Seven Swans by Sufjan Stevens. Not bad!

Today I will talk about a nice bookstore located in Charing Cross Road, a street in the city centre full of pretty interesting shops and bookshops. Its name is "Koenig Books" (sadly the link is only in German) and you can find it on 80, Charing Cross Road. The nearest tube station is Leicester Square (so, for example, you could go browse through the books after you have lunch at Tokyo Diner...).

The store you see on the pictures is the one located near Charing Cross, but there is another one, the first one to open in London, in the Serpentine Gallery (although I've never been there), the closest tube stations being Lancaster Gate and South Kensigton (where you can find all the awesome museums, like the NHM, which I'll talk about in the future).

This library specializes in art, namely design, architecture, and photography, so if you're looking for literature, you'd better go to the second-hand bookstores found a few meters down the road (I will also talk about these in future entries). Anyway, it's a pretty cool store and you're sure to find interesting things. As for the prices, I'll tell you when I check them out, since the last time I went I didn't spend much time in it. I'm the best guide, I know.

And that's basically it. Charing Cross Road and the surrounding areas are awesome, so be sure to go when you visit London!

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