Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston started a little business in 1992 in Holland Park, London. At the time, she would sell vintage fabrics, wallpapers and other objects that reminded her of her childhood. The store had quite a success and gradually the business started to grow, which prompted Cath to start making her own fabrics and homeware. Since then, her business has only thrived and she now has "merely" 28 stores all over the world including some in Ireland and Japan. She also sells women's clothing and accessories (purses, bags, etc.).

This is a picture of one of the shop windows of her store in 51, Marylebone High Street, which may help you get a hint of what her products look like. As you can see, she relies heavily on dots and flowers, which may be sometimes a bit corny, but generally, it rules (or so I think).

Anyway, I highly recommend you check her website so you can get a better idea of what she sells, and maybe you'll see something you like or find a store close to your home.

And, speaking of nice fabrics, my friend Martatu has recently started an online etsy shop where she sells little purses she has made herself with carefully chosen fabrics. She also recently finished a collection of dresses with prints of white rabbits and arctic foxes. ARCTIC FOXES!!!


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  1. thanks for the post! after almost 2 years living (back) in spain i had already forgotten about cath kidston! I remember lots of girls wearing their lunch inside a very cute vinyl little totes! gonna check her website, just to dream a bit :)