Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Duke Of Uke

First of all: what kind of name is this? The Duke Of Uke!! Best name ever.

Hello readers. Today I will talk about this awesome little store near Liverpool Street.

When I talked about Rough Trade the other day, I mentioned how cool Brick Lane and the surrounding area was. And here's more proof. This shop is located on 22, Hansbury Street and is specialized in ukeleles (as you can see on the pictures...), or, as they say: "Duke of Uke is London's one and only Ukulele and Banjo Emporium". Indeed, my friends, not only do they sell ukeleles, but also banjos, mandolines, acoustic guitars, and more.

And it doesn't end here (of course). They also teach how to play ukelele, and set up gigs in the store or other venues of the city. They also have a studio where you can record or rehearse your music. Not bad. What's more, it is really close to Spitalfields (which is, by the way, a really cool market that I will talk about in the future). As you can see (or will see, when reading more entries of this blog) (peculiar word, "blog"), Liverpool Street is a great area of London.

You may not want to buy a ukelele or a banjo, but it's definitely worth seeing.

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