Sunday, August 28, 2011

Natural History Museum (Part 2)

When I talked about the Natural History Museum, I mentioned that I wouldn't talk about everything you can find in there nor show everything you can see in there, namely the blue whale room, because it would make for an extremely long post. Which is why I decided to split it in two, and so here is the second part of the NHM installment!

The blue whale room is amazing - at least to me. It features most of my favorite animals (this favorite animal thing is a bit preadolescent-ish but oh well, I do love deer and whales) and is arranged beautifully: the blue whale and other sea mammals are hanging from the ceiling, and here and there you can see a moose, a bison, and many more wonderful animals. 

For more information, check my previous post. Hopefully these photos will make you want to go.


  1. the blue whale does look amazing, I'd like to see it some day!

  2. beautiful pictures, especially like the last one of the person looking out & the hippo! Natural History Museums are my favorite places to go. ever!